Technical Translation Services

Specialized Technical Translation Capabilities

Motarjemh provides translations services for virtually any specialty area of engineering or the sciences, including:

- Electrical engineering
- Electronic engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Chemical engineering
- Environmental engineering
- Aerospace engineering
- Civil engineering
- Nuclear engineering
- Naval engineering
- Optical engineering
- Structural engineering
- Construction/civil engineering
Examples of documents we translate:

- Maintenance/ service/ operators' manuals
- Scientific documents & reports
- Research papers
- Patents
- CAD drawings
Technical & Scientific Translation Services. Precisely.

Translating your technical documents requires much more than just fluency in the target languages. Familiarity with your field of study and its lexicon is essential, too, in order to deliver the highest quality products. Apex understands that technical document translation consists of going above and beyond simply crossing language barriers. It`s about knowing the specific nature of your scientific or engineering industry, backwards and forwards.

At Motarjemha, our team consists of experts from a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. We bring together the right specialists to analyze the big picture of your unique project. Other technical translation services may focus mainly on simply transferring words into another language. The Apex difference lies in the fact that we don`t just translate, we successfully bring your technical documents to the global arena. We take pride in making sure that your technical document translation will bridge the gap between cultures and shine with professional accuracy. Whether you need construction, aerospace, chemical, or just about any other documents portrayed accurately in the international realm, we bring our adept knowledge to each different job, every time.

At Motarjemha, we insist that our professional technical translators demonstrate technical and linguistic acumen in engineering or science specialties. Most translators know more than two languages. A competent and experienced translator, who understands your document`s specific subject matter, as well as the source and target languages, proficiently guides the project. Our team consists of experts in their fields of study, with impeccable credentials and in-depth science and engineering knowledge. You can have the peace of mind that you are getting technical translation services with a precision that`s second to none. Choose Motarjemha, and find out why so many satisfied clients keep returning to us, time and time again.

Engineering-Based Best Practices

Not surprisingly, our translation process reflects the meticulous standards of the