Online Translation Group

Online Translation Group provides you with 24-hour native Farsi(Persian) translation services and takes advantage of professional and experienced translators in order to provide highest quality within the fastest time scope, in 23 various specialty fields . On the other hand, Online Translation Group due to wordcount-base pricing system,  offers fair prices for its services.
With features applied in the system to facilitate tripartite communication between clients, translators and the system, it is easy to convey any customization you need for translation. Considering the above advantages, using Online Translation Group is the best choice for people for whom accuracy,speed,quality and fair price are important factors to make their decision making in choosing a service.

Technical & Scientific Translations

Operator's & Maintenance Manuals, Engineering Specifications, MSDS Datasheets, Technical Reports, CAD Drawings, etc. Learn more

Business and Financial Translations

Employee Manuals, Financial Reports, Business Plans, Training Manuals, Business Forms, Corporate Policies, etc. Learn more


Fast Translation Estimates

Fast Translation Estimates

If you seek a professional translation service for your business, agency, or organization, please contact us during business hours (9 AM to 6:00 PM IR) at +989365043469. You can also contact us via our online form, and most quotes are sent within 2 business hours or less of file receipt.